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Chiropractic Care


Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor. This pain can occur due to injury or normal wear and tear. It can also result from using your back too little or too much. Poor posture or repeated actions add to the problem. This includes sitting at the computer for long hours or lifting incorrectly. Over time, the muscles, joints, and bones in your low back are stressed. Pain often results. Dr. Thomas Van Anrooy will help relieve back pain by aligning the spine. He will also teach you the best ways to move to help prevent future back problems. 

Why Do I Have These Headaches?

Headaches are often triggered by problems in the neck or shoulders. For instance, neck or shoulder muscles can tighten or overstretch. Joints and bones can move out of alignment. And nearby nerves and blood vessels can become irritated. These problems can be caused by injury. They can also result from poor posture or stress from repeated actions such as looking down to read. With chiropractic care, you can get relief from headaches. You can also learn ways to help prevent future headaches. 

Dr. Thomas Van Anrooy will evaluate you to learn more about your headaches. Imaging tests, such as an x-ray, may be done. Dr. Thomas Van Anrooy will also give a comprehensive physical exam. He will examine your neck and check the alignment of your spine. This helps locate areas of pain. stiffness, muscle spasm, and limited movement. Your posture, muscle strength and reflexes are also checked. Dr. Van Anrooy will work with you to create a treatment program that meets your needs. This likely includes a hands-on-technique called manipulation. Other treatment methods like: trigger point therapy, heat, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, and stretching, can also be used. 



Orthotics are a great way to reduce ankle, knee, hip, or low back pain. In fact, low back pain can be caused by an improper foot position. The use of orthotics can be a great way to reduce those types of pain. 

Orthotics can be very costly at a podiatrist's office. That's why at Northwest Chiropractic, orthotics are an extremely cost effective means of reducing ankle, knee, hip, or low back pain. 


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