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What To Expect


Upon arriving at Northwest Chiropractic, you will walk into a large waiting room. Ironically, you do not wait long because you will be seen immediately. Patients that schedule an appointment for 3pm will be seen precisely at 3pm. At first, patients will fill out patient information forms. Upon which the patient will be seen promptly for the initial exam. Following the exam, the patient will be given their report of findings. Then a treatment plan will be offered. 

First Visit

The treatment may start immediately if the patient wishes. Hours are set by appointment for this reason. The patient always comes first. Dr. Van Anrooy will see patients based on their schedule and not his own. That is why he also offers house calls. This is another reason he is old school. He is a selfless chiropractor. He is always about helping the patient because that is what he truly believes in. 

Second Visit


The patient should expect a courtesy call from the Doctor to check on any improvement following the first visit and to also get feedback. All these things will also be covered in the second visit where the patient and Dr. Van Anrooy will gauge any improvement in the patient's condition. 

Regular Visits

The aforementioned treatment plan will continue for subsequent visits. 

WHAT TO EXPECT  |  (630) 773-0381

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