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Dr. Thomas Van Anrooy


From Football To Chiropractic

Dr. Thomas Van Anrooy originally had his sights set at playing professional football. During college, a chiropractor kept him on the field by maintaining his health without the use of drugs or surgery. He was so impressed that Dr. Van Anrooy decided on going to Chiropractic School rather than medical school. Dr. Van Anrooy graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1991 and opened Northwest Chiropractic in 1993. Even though he never made got a chance to play professional football, he continued playing semi-professional football until 2014 at the age of 50! He also doubled as the team physician throughout all those years. 


Learning To Help Others

Knowing the harmful effects that football brings to the body, Dr. Van Anrooy wanted to make sure that his teammates always had the best care. Football was a valuable process to the knowledge of acute and chronic sports injuries. Even as a youth football coach for his son, Dr. Van Anrooy acted as the team physician. Bringing care to the youth is the most rewarding part of his practice. Dr. Van Anrooy always wanted to live a life where he helped others. His pastor was adamant that the chiropractic career choice was extremely noble. He gets the most satisfaction from knowing that his patients get the best care available. 

His exposure to the various injuries that football brings to the body include: whiplash, concussion, knee, shoulder, foot, hand, spinal, hip, and muscular/joint give him the personal experience necessary to specialize in sports injuries. 

DR. THOMAS VAN ANROOY  |  (630) 773-0381

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